How to Activate & Setup Streaming Devices
Follow the below guide and set up your streaming devices, like, roku, hulu, and other networks. is a live video streaming device that makes it easy to watch your favorite channels whenever you want. It converts your standard Tv into a smart one. Roku is a media player company that is used to watch movies and live Tv shows like Amazon prime video, HULU, Disney Plus, Netflix, etc. It is in form of boxes and sticks. It comes in a box form or a stick form. The device consists of a box and a remote. The device consists of an HDMI port and USB or SD card port so that you can connect it to your TV as well as you can connect a USB to it so that you can record your favorite shows.

Roku devises high-speed internet connection and a standard Tv.

Connect your device to your TV

  1. Connect your device to your TV by an HDMI cable and switch on both devices.
  2. Then select the language and connect your WiFi internet connection to it by entering into the settings option and network option in it.
connect roku device

Steps to create an account on

For new users:-

  • Firstly open your Pc’s or Mobile’s browser and enter the link and open it.
  • When you enter into the link you will see a ‘Enter your activation code’ box where you have to enter your activation code.
  • Below the box, you will see two options ‘login‘ and ‘Create an account‘ option.
  • For New user click on the Create an account option and enter it into the page.
  • When you enter that page you will see a form that asks for your email address, name, and other credentials.
  • Fill that form by entering the credentials required and click on the submit button.
  • For verifying your account you will get an email and in that mail, you will get a link.
  • Click on that link and your verification process is completed and the account is being created successfully.

For old user (Renew Plan)

  • When you enter the link you will get to see an enter activation code box.
  • Below that you will see the login option.
  • Enter your login ID and password and login to your device or account and add a new activation code. activation code

It is a six-digit code. You get it with your device or via email. Eg. BVY7OH. Keep the code safe so that no other user can use it. Activation code is the main code for activating your channels or shows.

Where do we get the activation code?

Switch on your device and TV and set your own language and connect WiFi to your device.
After that, a screen will appear that will show a six-digit code.
That will be your activation code.
You can also get it via email and you can even buy it through a retail store.

Where to use the activation code?

  • Open your browser of your PC or Mobile and enter roku link and open the link.
  • There you will see a box that asks to enter the roku activation code.
  • Enter the activation code that you have or shown on the TV screen and click on the submit button.
  • You are ready to watch your favorite channels and movies.

How to activate the free trial?

  • You may also get a free trial of 14 days or more by following the steps given below;
  • When you are creating an account it asks you about the bank account details.
  • If you want a free trial skip those details by clicking on the skip option.
  • Then free trial option appears. Click on the free trial option. Your free trial is activated.
  • You can even add your bank account details and use a free trial for some days.
  • But after the end of the free trial, it will automatically subscribe to your monthly or yearly package accounts the need.
For more details, go to the official Roku website, which is

What about the paid subscription?

For paid subscription following steps are needed;

  • When you create an account it asks you about the bank account details.
  • Enter those details and continue the step further.
  • It will ask you for a month as well as a yearly subscription.
  • You have to select the package you want and make a payment.
  • Here your subscription is on.

How to add the channels?

  • When you enter the main page of go into Settings.
  • Then click on the add channels option.
  • Channels will appear in alphabetical order. Then select your favorite channels and add them.

For a free trial, you cannot add your favorite channels. Paid subscribers can add channels according to their package.